With the leadership, guidance and instructions of honorable Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the BPS Incentive Scheme has created over 30,000 jobs for South Africans.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) the BPS (Business Process Services) Incentive Scheme was designed to create employment opportunities, especially for the young South Africans through servicing offshore activities.

To achieve that, dti created over 30,000 jobs by supporting 43 companies through the BPS Incentive Scheme at a cost of about R1 billion.

dti’s Chief Operating Officer for Incentives Administration, Susan Mangole told members of the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry on Tuesday that about 86% of the jobs created are for the youth. And, that the jobs were created since the inception of the scheme in 2011.

From our gatherings, Conduit as one of the biggest business process services companies in the world, was funded by the dti for more than R10 million in a project that will create 1 600 jobs over a five-year period.

Speaking, Joan Fubbs the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee, confirmed that the essence of the site visit to dti-funded companies is to assess how funds the department disbursed are making an impact.

“We would like to get first-hand information from the beneficiaries themselves on how the incentives are applied, whether they achieve their objectives, as well as the challenges companies could be experiencing,” said Fubbs.

Also, Mangole asserted that the BSP industry is South Africa’s major job driver. According to her, the industry has been expanding at an average of 26% annually since 2011 when the government identified its potentials.

Reporting this, the SA government news site proclaimed that South Africa is internationally recognized as a leading offshore destination for business process services with its highly competitive costs, deep domain skills, English-speaking talent and world-class infrastructure.

“In November last year, South Africa won the Offshoring Destination of the Year Award from the Global Sourcing Association in London,” it further proclaimed.