The ANC in Parliament wants to disband the SABC Board tomorrow because it has embarrassed the party and the broadcaster says Max du Preez.

But these board members were handpicked by the ANC caucus itself and appointed over other, more deserving candidates, as has happened several times the last decade or so.

There is a whole phalanx of functionaries that had been appointed by the ANC purely because it suited the party’s narrow interests who are now embarrassing the government and the country.


The poster boy of this phenomenon is, of course, Hlaudi Motsoeneng of the SABC, that comical Mussolini Mini Me that had until very recently been defended enthusiastically by the same ANC parliamentary caucus.

Well. At least we should thank Hlaudi that his bizarre behaviour had turned the SABC issue into a proper crisis.

There are many Hlaudis in our public life, they’re just not as narcissistic and in our faces as he is.

At the SABC itself Hlaudi is simply a logical outcome of a process that had started in the late 1990s.


It is standard practice in any democracy for the governing party to look after its own interests.

But it may not be against the national interest, and the ANC has crossed this line many, many times.

It has come back to bite them. And the rest of us.