The leader of The Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane, has called on South Africans to play safe especially during the celebrations comes 14th Feb. 2107. He called on everyone to be careful so as to halt the spread of HIV over this year’s Valentine day celebration.

In a statement issued to the DA faithfuls who paid him a courtesy visit in his home over the recent happenings on SONA, Maimane said that the season of affection is to share and show love responsibly.

According to him, “Tomorrow, the 14th of February will be a  special day for love. In the process of loving, love carefully, play safe and be faithful to your partner.

“If you are young and not sexually active yet, abstaining from sex will keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, otherwise protect yourself by using a condom at all times if you are old enough”, Maimane stated.

The DA leader also urged South Africans to know their HIV status, stating that there are treatment available for anyone with the virus.

This treatment he said will keep them healthy and stop them from spreading the virus to other people, especially their loved ones.

“As we celebrate love, we should remember that safe sex is not just about protecting ourselves, but also protecting those we love,” he concludes.