The son of First lady of Zimbabwe Russel Goreraza has imported two Rolls Royce limousines worth more than R70m at the critical moment when the country is faced with cash concern.

Reports from the media said photos and videos of two vehicles supposed to have been imported from Europe. It started circulating as soon as it arrived on social media on Sunday.

Goreraza, 33 was Grace’s eldest son from her first marriage with Stanley Goreraza former Air Force of Zimbabwe intelligence officer Wing Commander.

Grace’s two other sons Robert jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga were reportedly were force out from the Regent Apartment Hotel in June for their “unacceptable behavior.”

In 2015 Goreraza was found guilty of killing a pedestrian. He was driving a BMW vehicle when he knocked down an unnamed pedestrian who died on the spot. Goreraza, according to Voice of America, was sanction by the magistrate to pay a fine of $800 or alternatively spend two months in jail.

According to  New after the two vehicle touched down at the International Airport in Harare Goreraza reportedly told his friends that his next vehicle due to arrive in the capital Harare was an Aston Martin.

Photos below:-