Former NPA head Advocate Vusi Pikoli says ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) must live with the consequences of slandering Khwezi during the rape trial.

In 2005, Khwezi accused President Jacob Zuma of rape but the president denied the claims, saying he had consensual sex with her and that he had a shower to prevent HIV transmission.

In 2006, the president was acquitted of the rape charges after the judge ruled that the encounter was consensual.

After Zuma was acquitted, Khwezi sought refuge in Netherlands for her safety and only returned to the country in 2014.

The ANC Women’s League supported Pres. Zuma throughout his trial and said that it did not matter if he was accused of a sexual assault if the court had found him innocent.

In 2007, ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini said: “Those who feel the league should not have nominated him because of the rape case want us to be part of a kangaroo court. The case went to court and everybody knows the outcome.”

Women’s League released a statement yesterday, warning the media not to ‘politicise’ her death.

“The ANCWL humbly requests the media to refrain from politicising the matter and handle it with the sensitivity it deserves.”

The organisation added that South Africans must respect the family in mourning and also respect the soul of the deceased and allow her to rest in peace with no undue speculations.

“We condemn the members of the media for hounding our leadership for comments on the matter. The secretary-general of the ANCWL, Cde Meokgo Matuba, has responded to questions imposed on her by the media. However, the ANCWL requests not to be dragged into these discussions. Let’s all allow the family to mourn privately.”

The organisation’s comments received a lot of backlash from social media.



The Kuzwayo family said a private funeral service would be held, followed later by a public memorial service.

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