A married South African National Defence Force employee (names with-held) made headlines when she mistakenly uploaded a controversial footage of her making love with her husband. She suffered a major blow after her husband decided to file a divorce after the big embarrassment.

”What kind of a wife makes such a mistake ? Now tell me, who does that ? How am I going to face my own family and friends, or even my churchmates ? I’m a man of the people, it took me 35 good years to build this good name of mine. I will not let it get destroyed by this evil woman, believe me I have just filed for a divorce, it’s over”, fumed Richard Tlhophang,the husband to the troubled soldier.

The South African National Defence Force employee attempted suicide after she was informed about the divorce by her husband.

”She drank a little dose of rat poison but neighbors managed to give her help in no time so all I can say is that she is currently recovering well”,a medical doctor was quoted.

The police has urged members of the public to seek professional counselling before they make major decisions out of emotions that can lead to loss of lives.