Lots of  South Africans were unwilling to believe the Public Relations strategists who exposed the dealings of the ANC War Room.

The Public Relations strategists, Sihle Bolani claimed that the ANC is owing her R2.2 million for executing campaigns aimed at destroying the reputation of opposition parties during the 2016 local government election.

As exposed, the ANC War Room mapped-out R50 million for the covert campaign tactics.

The intent of the campaign which targeted the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party was to use a range of media outlets and tarnish the image of the opposition parties.

(ANC) uses whatever means to remain in power, buying the voters with food parcels, dishing out free alcohol and bribing people with free t-shirts. But all these dirty tricks did not assist them during the Local Government Elections; people turned their backs against this corrupt organisation.

It’s a screaming shame that the ANC used R50 million of tax-payers’ (money) to fight its opponents,” stated COPE.

DA Considers Legal Action Against ANC.

The DA reacted to the covert campaign tactics revelations made against the ANC saying its considering taking legal action against the ruling party.

Already, the DA has referred the matter to its legal counsel. The counsel was asked to consider the case towards both civil and criminal action.

“…The claims regarding fake opposition posters and the establishment of fake news agencies and television shows is an extreme abuse of democratic processes.

If true, these allegations show that the ANC is willing to manipulate and undermine ethical democratic conduct and action in order to ensure continued government rule.

Such allegations can only be treated in the most serious light. The ANC has shown repeatedly its failure to deliver services for the people of South Africa and this ‘black ops’ revelation shows that the ANC may have stooped to a criminal level to subvert democratic processes and hold on to power,” stated DA.

Again, the DA leader Mmusi Maimane disclosed that he will be demanding of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to investigate possible violations of the Electoral Act.

Expressing that ANC had been exposed as an organisation of people who will do anything to cling onto power, which it uses to enrich a political clique instead of delivering services and improving the lives the citizens of South Africa, the DA leader remarked that the party “has stooped to a new low.”

That, he said, shows just how desperate and dangerous Zuma’s party has become.

“The ANC is a Party of a bygone era. This latest saga adds to the list of the ANC’s project of subverting democracy…

The fraudulent propaganda campaign by the ANC must be treated with contempt by all South Africans who believe in the sanctity of the Constitution and the democratic values it espouses.”

Afterwards, the DA leader asserted that his party is hard at work to free South Africans from the “ANC’s corrupt brand of governance and economic policies.”