Residents of Hazyview, Mpumalanga knew that every time there is power outage in some parts of the town, the following day police will be investigating a serious cable theft.

Hazyview is a small farming town in Mpumalanga, South Africa and is renowned for its banana industry. Close to Kruger National Park, the town’s name is derived from the shimmering haze that occurs during the heat of summer.

The people were fed up and when the suspicious outage hit again, they were very much at alert.

A few minutes into the darkness, they saw a company vehicle that belongs to Eskom being followed by a suspicious vehicle and they stealthily followed them.

Eskom ladders and tools were used to cut off the cables and they were loaded into the other vehicle.

Community members immediately called the police and the thieves were arrested.

To the shock of the community, the thieves are Eskom employees who work in the same area. They use the company car and tools to do their dirty jobs.

Police spokesperson Nathi Ngubane said this is the first time he arrested Eskom workers stealing cables.

”These people are electrical engineers and seeing them doing crimes like this is a disgrace to the state owned entity. This is the first time i am making such arrest in my 17 years of service,” said Ngubane.

The criminals will appear in court on Monday.