Brutalized EFF leader Julius Malema, has drawn the attention of the world to the second round of apartheid in present day South Africa, by a government that seeks to clamp down on dissenting voices.

After surviving the organised attack, Malema vowed that no amount of threat and intimidation can cower him. He claims to be willing to put his life on the line, for a course he believes in.

The comrade leader went ahead to post on his tweeter handle that:

“The bastard is squeezing my balls, they always go for my balls yeses, this white shirts. They do this all the time, hai. No retreat Fighters”.

Malema’s brutalized picture was retweeted by SouthAfrican Government’s official Twitter account, with the words: ‘hahahahahaha’ seen on it.

The words therefore suggest that the manhandle of Malema could have been deliberately organized