A riot control drone equipped with paintball guns that will be sent to mines in Africa to quell striking workers.

It’s designed by Desert Wolf to “control unruly crowds without endangering the lives of security staff,” according to Desert Wolf’s website.

It has four gun barrels that can fire a variety of ammunition, such as pepper spray bullets, but it also has strobe lights, lasers and speakers to shout at crowds below.

The company expects to export 25 of the drones to unidentified mine operators in Africa where platinum miners have been killed or injured by machete-wielding attackers after crossing the picket line — and in the past, shot by police during weeks of unrest over labor conditions.

The protests and riots are making mining companies its biggest market at this time, said Hennie Kieser, director of Desert Wolf, to Defense Web, an African industry news agency.

The drones are expected to ship by the end of July and cost about $46,500 (R601,359) each.

Desert Wolf creates other surveillance and security products for mining companies. The Skunk has cameras as well because “people tend to be less aggressive when they are monitored,” Kieser added.

Keiser hopes the drones’ success in South Africa will lead to orders in other countries.