The former mayor of Johannesburg, Parks Tau, cries out over his concern that some of his flagship projects could be abandoned or cancelled by the new mayor Herman Mashaba.


 The former mayor in an interview with City Press this week, said he regarded this as a “temporary setback”, as a plan was afoot to regain lost ground and win back the confidence of those that voted them out.

“No party has an outright majority and the nature of coalitions is that you have to lobby the administration.

“I believe we have to tackle issue by issue. It depends what’s at stake and what’s being voted for,” he told City Press. This is part of his plan to push for the retention of some projects the ANC deemed essential for the development of the city.

Meanwhile, new Joburg mayor Mashaba vowed this week that, if by the end of his term unemployment in the city was not under 20%, he would have failed the residents and would accept not being given a second chance.

“Why should people vote me back into power if I fail? Come 2021, if unemployment in the city is not under 20%, I am stepping down.

“I am saying, please don’t vote me back in, because I would have failed the people. Let the people judge me on the number one challenge facing our community – unemployment,” Mashaba said.

Speaking on the sidelines of a social event in Sandton on Thursday evening, Mashaba said on his 16th day in office that his predecessor had failed in terms of job creation.

“When Parks Tau took over the city of Johannesburg in 2011, unemployment in this city was 27%. Today, unemployment in the city is at around 32%,” he said.

Asked what would become of Tau’s projects, Mashaba did not mince his words: “Did Jozi@Work as a programme work? No, absolutely not. Is there a priority to drop it? Absolutely not!

“In fact, I had a meeting with senior heads of department and I said to them, we’re not dropping anything. Give me three to six months and let us implement these policies to see if they will yield any positive results. I don’t want to make a mistake by changing any policies or any programmes,” he said.


Source:- News24