The Department of Home Affairs has on Wednesday refuted the hoax article regarding DNA requirements for birth registration in South Africa.

The department issued a statement saying they have noted the article doing rounds on social media, on compulsory testing for new births.

The fake article states that: “From 2017 onwards, all babies born to South African parents will be required to undergo DNA tests to confirm their paternity before they can be allowed to take on their fathers’ surnames Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Malusi Gigaba has said.”

The department says in 2014, it announced new Births and Deaths Regulations, whereby regulations were introduced for cases of children born out of wedlock.

“We have been aware of cases where single mothers get involved in relationships with non-South African men and approach Home Affairs offices to record these persons as fathers of their children even if they are not the biological fathers.

“This is then used by such persons to address our Department for permanent residence status in the country due to the right that children have to be cared for by their parents. To this end, and where such a circumstance arises, we now require the results of paternity tests. This is applicable to non-South Africans,” added the department.