The Democratic Alliance party said it has saved Mogale City from the lavishing of R8.1 million by stopping wasteful council chamber renovations.

DA’s claim follows its councilors’ rejection of a plan by the previous administration to carry out an R8.1-million upgrade to the Council Chamber.

The newly appointed DA-led council in Mogale City rejected the plan arguing that it is extravagant and that the Council could not afford it.

The concerns included a R2 million budget for carpentry and chairs, R990,360.00 for professional fees and disbursements and R229 250.00 for unforeseen expenses.

According to the party, it’s swift action upon taking office to curb wasteful spending, “was the only way we were able to save the wasteful R8.1 million in unnecessary upgrades from being passed through council and being paid out.”

Executive Mayor, Lynn Pannell said “…we cannot approve this project when the current chamber could still be used effectively. I also believe that the municipality has far more productive ways to spend tax payer’s money”

“Everyone will have a fair chance under a DA government, and there will be a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, increased service delivery, and job creation, he added.

“Where the DA governs, we never forget who voted for us and we never forget who we serve. We are not perfect, and there are many things we’re working hard to be better at. But we know what we were hired to do, and we spend every single cent of public money on the people not on vanity projects.

“… South Africans deserve better and have voted for better,” stated the party.

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