Recent incidents unfolding in most South African prisons makes one to wonder if our prisons are correctional facilities or vacation sites.

Convicted criminals who committed lots of crimes are having a royal time in South African prisons.

It seems there is no real justice for victims of crime in the country.

Punishment for sexual offenders, thieves, murderers, and kidnappers is simply not tough enough.

In one way or the other, South Africa’s justice system has been failing women and children. Many including the ANCWL and the UDM have called for a harsher punishment for those found guilty of abusing and murdering women and children.

In the case of gender-based violence and sexual offences, the damage victims suffer is permanent and the offenders more or less walk away scot-free or are not punished hard enough.

The reoffending rate of rapists and murderers is high.

This makes one to wonders if the reform and rehabilitation these offenders undergo in prison is really effective in preventing future crimes.

Following these three incidents, you will agree to the fact that criminals are having a royal time in South African Prison.

1. Prisoners have been fed KFC meal with taxpayers’ money.

South Africans were pissed off by the Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane in February this year.

She used over R60, 000 of taxpayers’ money to treat prisoners to a KFC meal.

To some South Africans, the incident only proved criminals are being treated like royalties in South African Prisons.

2. Prisoners will get not fewer than 100 laptops before the end of this year. 

Tourism Minister Tokozile Xasa joined the move to annoy law-abiding South African citizens by loving up the convicts.

The Minister presented 30 laptops to inmates of the Kgosi Mampuru II prison in Pretoria.

Above 70 more laptops will soon be handed over to incarcerated criminals.

“What does tourism have to do with corrections? Besides, why give laptops and not stationary, locked-down computers in a laboratory setting? One wonders what the insurance payment for these laptops are, or does the Minister consider it a write-off?

3. Strippers were hired to entertain the prisoners By Prison Officials.


The worst of these examples of a dysfunction correctional system in South Africa is the publicly available photos of what can only be described as a salacious strip show, that inmates at the Johannesburg’s Medium B prison had the pleasure to participate in.

Many of these men are said to be guilty of violent crimes and are murderers and rapists. Our correctional services are definitely not correcting anything in this fashion.

Imprisonment is not supposed to be a joy-ride.

Inmates should be given an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, but such incongruent Government interventions do not make any sense.

Instead of imprisonment being a crime deterrent, potential offenders will see these as perks of imprisonment; not only do you get a roof over your head and three meals a day, but you can eat takeaways, keep your Facebook profile updated and watch scantily clad women dance.

They don’t pay rent, electricity and water bill. They live at taxpayers expense and yet they are being treated like kings and queens for committing crime.

This clearly shows that the government, with its departments, continue to dismally fail citizens.

Disclaimer; This article was written by a Political analyst Gillian Eugen and does not portray the views of