US President Donald Trump will today speak to Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa over the incident that happened in SONA and to find a way forward.

Malema and his EFF faithfuls were forcefully evicted for not allowing Pres Zuma address parliament.

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Geoffrey York, Africa correspondent for The Globe and Mail; based in Johannesburg reveals via his twitter handle, @geoffreyyork.

The Presidency confirms a request from the White House for a telecon between President Zuma and President Trump this afternoon.

Many have said that today is African day for Pres. Donald Trump as he intends to call two of South Africans fearless leaders. This shows South Africans that the world is watching.

Pres. Trump is expected to call Malema and Pres. Zuma latter this evening.

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Now that the dust has almost settled over the chaotic events at SONA, prominent World leaders are offering their support.

SA is getting used to the usually confrontation between pres. Zuma and EFF members but what happened at this years SONA kept the world in shock.

Eff sees Pres. Zuma as a man who is not fit to address parliament so they won’t let him speak. The DA staged a walk out. While COPE MP was the first one to be evicted from parliament.

Now US Pres. will call both leaders to address the issue. We will keep u updated as the phone call unfolds.

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