Wits University says its academic programme will continue on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, mayhem broke out in wits university as students had a confrontation with the police which resulted to several injuries.

This happened after they took the fight to the streets of braamfontein on monday where they set ablaze a bus and plundered shops.


The police found several petrol bombs at Wits university, Braamfontein.

Wits spokeswoman, Shirona Petal also confirmed that a bag was found with three petrol bombs at raikes gate on the west campus.

 Adding to this, two petrol bombs were also found outside the John Moffet building.

The university has become more secured as lots of policemen now patrol the University. Private security guards also stop and search vehicles before they enter the campus.

With the student’s unyielding protest running into the fourth week, Wits earlier said that its academic programme will continue on wednesday.

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