Not long ago, Des van Rooyen the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), denied visiting the Guptas in Saxonwold prior to his controversial appointment as the country’s Minister of Finance by President Zuma.

Now, reports have indicated that the Minister didn’t only meet the Guptas at their residence once, but seven times.

Hence, the DA has indicated interest in roasting the Minister saying it’s clear he was misleading in his reply and as such, contravened the Executive Ethics Code.

Citing a section of the Executive Ethics Code which stipulate that “members of the executive may not wilfully mislead the legislature to which they are accountable”, the opposition party disclosed that it will now report the Minister to the Public Protector for the violating the act.

The DA said it wouldn’t allow a Minister to get away with misleading Parliament and the people of South Africa. Nor permit South Africa’s municipalities to be looted by the Guptas or the ANC.

With that, it highlighted that it will be submitting parliamentary questions to the minister to determine:

  1. Whether there have been any discussions between himself and Eric Wood and/or Ian Whitely regarding the use of municipal assets to secure private debt financing for municipalities?
  2. The nature of his relationship with the Guptas and their known associates;
  3. Whether he did meet with the Guptas in the week prior to his appointment as Minister of Finance?

The latest revelations shows that Van Rooyen’s appointment as Minister of CoGTA is a long term plot to enable the Gupta companies gain access to more than R400 billion in municipal expenditure.

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To the DA, these latest allegations further demonstrate that the Minister is little more than a puppet whose strings are pulled to allow access to state funds for the benefit of Zuma and his cronies.

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