The Democratic Alliance is again looking to get rid of President Jacob Zuma with a motion of no confidence in Parliament.

DA announced in a press conference on Thursday that this motion was not about the DA, but about the African National Congress.

The DA has tried and failed before to get Zuma removed through this process. Maimane said they could not simply sit by and do nothing, because they risked the motion not being passed.

It hoped to get the motion through by the end of the year.

The motion would be an opportunity for those “frustrated ANC members” to speak out, the DA said.

“We must ask for those spineless people to find their backbone and stand up,” Maimane said.

The opposition party did not take the decision lightly, Maimane said, as they realised that there was scepticism when a minority party tabled a motion that required majority support.

The DA gave examples of ANC leaders who had recently spoken out against the decision to charge Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan as evidence of discontent on the ANC benches.

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen said what had been missing previously in the ANC was courage.

“We need men and women of good courage to stand up and say enough is enough,” he said.

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