ANC former spokesperson Jackson Mthembu, says it will be a dark day for the country if expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema ever comes to power.

“Can you imagine Julius Malema becoming president of the country? Oh, dear God, may that day never dawn in our lifetime, or that of our children,” Mthembu said.

He also said that Malema should never have been an ANC member because he was a bad person.

Malema should stop seeking opinion on whether President Jacob Zuma should step down or not, Mthembu said.

“He’s not even a member of the ANC. He can’t speak for ANC or South Africa. People join the ANC voluntarily but then they’re required to maintain certain values and Julius couldn’t do it.”

“He’s too factious … he thinks he’s everything. He might support a leader now but he’ll do a complete about-face within few years,” he said.

Things steamed up as EFF has urged many South African to out in number and protest on November 2 when minister Gordhan appears in Court.

Malema and EFF have been busy attacking Pres. Zuma. Calling for his resignation. Mthembu says Malema should but a stop to that for he will never make a better president himself.

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