The Democratic Alliance (DA) says the African National Congress (ANC) has to show political will in order to address the current funding crisis in the higher education sector.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane and federal council chair James Selfe briefed the media in Cape Town on outcomes of the party’s two-day federal executive meeting.

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The party’s highest decision-making body, discussed among other issues current developments in higher education.

Maimane will be among several opposition party leaders who are meeting university vice chancellors tonight.

He says they’ll discuss ways of finding a resolution to the crisis.

“How can a billion rands worth of property be destroyed and there seems to be no criminal outcome behind that? We must talk about security on campus but must also talk about the fact that the funding crisis cannot continue without political leadership to it.”

Maimane adds the problems cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

“It’s important. This issue is not just a government issue, it’s a political issue and a societal issue. If higher education is destroyed it will have implications in other sectors and many universities have said if the strike continues until next week some universities are passed the point of no return.”