Local newspapers, online news sites and  even social media are splashed with atrocious happenings within communities, most of which are barbaric acts appallingly committed by heartless criminals, day in and day out, in the darkness of the night and even in broad daylight.

Included in these crime related activities are unsympathetic theft, hijackings, scandalized house break-ins, kidnappings and ultimately gruesome murders, hundreds of such cases that go unjustified. If a criminal doesn’t flee the crime scene successfully, he is given a leeway after being apprehended with the pretentious phrases of ‘lack of evidence’ or ‘missing dockets’, thus leaving the matter unresolved not to mention the culprits freedom to commit a crime yet again and the unimaginable trauma victims experience, knowing that scumbags are prowling the streets once more. Following the recent release of Lenasia’s biggest drug lord as well as a brutal house break-in south of Pretoria which left the victim scarred for life and even the numerous cases of innocent women who were strangled to death by intruders, apart from bribery and corruption, it is clear that our justice system has failed.


Abolished in 1995 after contradicting the country’s constitution drawn up in 1994, the ‘eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth’ approach seems to be the next logical solution for many outraged South African citizens after observing the serene lifestyle of countries around the globe that have the death penalty in place; namely Saudi Arabia, United States, China, Japan and Vietnam amongst seventy-nine others who enjoy a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious environment. This, however, may be outweighed by cogent arguments against the death penalty:

  • There is, unfortunately no conclusive evidence to prove that the death penalty is more of a deterrent than life imprisonment.
  • In countries such as South Africa and the United States, it has been established that there is a racial bias in the imposition of the death penalty. This was the position in apartheid SA and is the current situation in the US.


The big question is, if the death penalty is not brought back will innocent women and children be forced to live the rest of their lives in constant fear of being harmed by selfish individuals? How much longer are we going to rely on insufficient services by policing forums?

What will deter ridiculous criminals and their barbaric behavior? Crime is only rife because thugs escape too easily. Could we at least appeal for life imprisonment?