The protracted lawsuit has gone detrimental for South African leader. President Zuma’s lawyers throw the NPA under the bus!

Zuma has faced yet another legal hurdle in the Supreme Court of Appeal as he seeks leave to appeal the decision by the High Court in Pretoria on the spy tapes saga.

But despite concerted effort by his team of top legal luminaries to persuade the supreme court to stand down prosecution of the 783 criminal charges, the court have reigned supreme notwithstanding to the chagrin of the strong legal team.

I have no further submissions to make to damage my case further, says Epstein. 
Rosenberg argues that Zuma’s prosecution can go ahead. 
“How much longer are you going to be?” asks a blunt Judge Navsa.
However, the Judges are not letting up on Sean Rosenberg for Democratic Alliance.
Kemp says some of it, reminds the court of what it once said ‘an improper motive doesn’t render prosecution wrongful’.
The NPA & Zuma team went all the way to the SCA to defend an indefensible case ,using our taxes, only to make concessions.