On Wednesday, a Cape Town woman will be in the Wynberg  Magistrate Court for allegedly trying to set up a hit on her husband.

The Kenilworth woman, 44, was apprehended in a sting operation on Tuesday after the police found out she had plans to have her husband killed.

She was arrested just after she made payment to the would-be hit-man.

She said her husband is too rich and too busy for her.

”All the time am alone and lonely while he is busy making business trips. He is too rich to make time for us,” she complained.

Police spokesperson captain FC Van Wyk said that police acted quickly to stop the woman in her tracks after they received a tip-off about her supposed plan.

“A joint investigation was conducted by the Provincial Detective Unit and Manenberg Serious and Violent Crimes Investigation Unit,” he explained.

“The investigation culminated [yesterday] at approximately 10.10am when a sting operation was conducted in the parking area of Lansdowne Railway Station”  he added.

Unaware that her supposed murderous scheme had been thwarted, she handed an unknown amount of money to the would-be hit-man, but instead got the shock of her life when she was handcuffed and seized a while later.

“The 44-year-old Kenilworth woman is to appear in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Thursday on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder,” Van Wyk added.

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