A Woman, identified as Sister Deborah Mavis is a wife of a young man of 35years of age. They got married 5 years ago in Yeoville, Johannesburg but Mr. Mavis is a traveller and haS little or no time for his wife despite the fact that they’ve not been blessed with a child since marriage.

On Wednesday evening, Deborah caught another woman on her matrimonial bed giving a raw and live s*x to his husband. She ran out and rushed to report to her in-law, and she came back late at night. There was no
light in the house when she returned. The lights were probably switched off. As she stepped into the kitchen, surprisingly, her husband smashed her in the face and beat the hell out of her.

As she tries to hold her husband to stop the beating, her husband raised a sharp kitchen knife and cut Deborah through the face.

Deborah is in hospital right now receiving treatment and the doctors said she might lose her left eye.

Her Parents have opened a docket at Yeovil Police Station. But the husband is on the run. The police are doing everything they can to apprehend him.

The woman he was caught cheating with has been arrested.

Yeovil Police spokesperson, Captain Kagiso John said, ”When we got to Mr Mavis house, he was nowhere to be found, it appears he left in a hurry.

We are doing all we can to bring him to justice.” he concludes.