Some thinkers envisaged that power would turn some humans to irredeemable  tyrants. Some nations took the heed of these calls by strengthening their institutions as well as their laws to check make the temptation of human frailties.

When laws are rationed and only applied to the defenseless in any nation, the wrath of nature can only be inevitable. Justice can now be purchased by the highest bidder and the citizens have been robbed of their national patrimony. A people must be unrelentlessly vigilant and revolt at all times against selfish and egregious leaders no matter what  it will take.

The people of any nation are the ultimate sovereigns and they must live out this reality no matter the threat from obnoxious and draconian regimes. History will only be fair to those who raised their voice and not those who engage in brazen complicity and silence, irrespective of the intention.