A shameless female thief who tried to steal valuables from a store had her heart jump into her mouth when the metal detector at the door sounded the alarm.

 A video captured the ugly incident and revealed how she was sent back into the shop.
The incident is believed to have happened at a mall in Ekurhuleni over the festive season.

Shoppers in great shock watched how the suspect removed the goods hidden under her clothes one after the other – from panties to baby clothes! Some are removed from her panties and bra.

One of the shoppers said, “It looks like she stole the goods to sell them. This woman is brave” .


The woman tried to prove stubborn when she was told to remove the stolen items and a shop employer now ordered and forced her to do so.

Some of the shop employees said they suspected the woman packed the goods into a basket and went into the fitting room to stash them under her clothes.

“She wasn’t so big after removing her goods and was back to her normal size,” they said.

The woman was later handcuffed by security and taken away.

A theft and shoplifting case was opened.