A light aircraft made an emergency landing on the N2 highway on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast on Saturday.

According to Kevin Krummeck who helped push the aircraft to safety, it had run out of fuel. The pilot was flying from Port St Johns to Pietermaritzburg.

On social media, Krummeck said “It’s not every day you have a plane landing on the highway and have to help push it to safety. It ran out of fuel and the second tank pipe blocked so they had to emergency land on the highway”.

He told South Coast Herald that he had been on the way to Howick with his wife Donna when the plane landed in front of them.

He said “I said to Donna I can’t believe what I’m seeing, it’s an aeroplane”.

They stopped their vehicle and Krummeck helped the pilot push the plane off the road.

It was refuelled and the road was blocked to allow the plane to take off.