Video of what appears to be a drunk Saps officer fighting with a civilian has gone viral.  The video was said to have gone viral on Wednesday  morning after the incident happened.

The armed cop was said to be threatening to slap a civilian dressed in a black top. While some people defended him saying he was not drunk, some believes he was.

According to a fellow office who identified himself as Cop Mandla Ngubane says the when he sees things like this happening, it makes him feel embarrassed to be a police man;

“That’s when I feel embarrassed to be a policeman. My pride goes out, through the window. I just don’t know why do we have such policemen! But at least there are some of us who still have it within themselves. I am a policeman who is much better than this and there colleagues of mine out there who are better police officials then this.” He said

Watch Video Below;

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