A great majority of the community members may have given up on the security agencies in the country, thus leading them to embark on jungle justice. Authorities have arrested hundreds of people and cancelled over 500 trains in north India after at least 30 people were killed in clashes following the conviction of controversial rape guru.

A curfew was lifted on Saturday, where rampaging mobs caused havoc in the streets after a Court declared Ram Rahim Singh guilty of raping two of his followers.

“We have arrested between 600 to 800 people since yesterday. Security forces are carrying out searches of congregation centres belonging to the sect to seize any sharp-edged weapons, canes or batons,” senior state official Ram Niwas told DPA news agency.

Security forces patrolled Haryana state’s Panchkula city.

The town of Panchkula, the main trouble spot, was relatively peaceful and the area was cleared of protesters, said police officer Pradeep Kumar.