In a matter of days, if not hours from now, founder, Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM) aka Liberation City, Dr. Chris Okafor may find himself engulfed in a cauldron of controversies orchestrated by a group of detractors hell-bent on tarnishing his image and bringing down his ministry.

The plot was allegedly concluded a few days into 2017, by a splinter group of the church, made up of individuals revolting against certain steps taken by their General Overseer, Dr. Chris, last year.

According to reliable inside feelers, the dramatic episode kicked off when Dr. Okafor embarked on a “house cleansing” exercise due to alleged “pastoral misdemeanors” by some ministers of the church. Sources in the church claim some pastors affected by the shake-up were either transferred or re-assigned, including one minister who was recalled back to the headquarters from South Africa.

This strange and sudden ministerial shake-up did not go down well with all the affected ministers, making relationships in the church nosedive to a point where the aggrieved ministers reportedly openly ganged up against the popular Televangelist in the latter part of 2016.

The plotted conspiracy which is in the final stage is allegedly led by one Pastor Tony Obaseki, and may soon hit the social media. Sources confirm that anxiety in the church has risen to a deplorable level, putting everyone on their toes and further complicating reports of threats by the rebels that they are not only out to assassinate the image of the Dr Chris, but to bring the church to ruins.

The last one week has been one of uneasy calm as church members are on tenterhooks waiting for the bubble to burst.  If the storm eventually breaks, it would not be a bolt from the blue, thanks to one of the rebellious pastors who unexpectedly broke ranks with his conspiring colleagues and spilled the beans, alongside another conspirator who opted out of the plot when those who conscripted him to give false testimonies against the prophet failed to honour the monetary terms of the engagement. Despite these setbacks, feelers from the camp indicate that the showdown will go on as planned.

Source:- Vanguard