Pumelela Nqelenga a UKZN School of Arts lecturer,  wrote on Facebook that a female student had been raped by a police officer at the Pietermaritzburg campus on Monday.


“SAPS raped a student last night during the protest. We have been waiting for an ambulance… RMS (Risk Management Services) wanted her to pay for the ambulance but we are stopping it. During the protest black women are being sexually assaulted,” she wrote.


UKZN spokesman Lesiba Seshoka confirmed a case of sexual assault had been reported to the university.

“A student on the Pietermaritzburg campus has reported a case of sexual assault by an SAPS officer. The alleged incident is reported to have happened off campus. It is under investigation,” he said.


Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said no case had been opened with the police.


Nqelenga said the student was in hospital and would decide for herself if she wanted to pursue criminal charges against the police officer.


“The way the university has handled the situation is very bad. There are three campus securities here… and there’s the police. None of them are protecting the students. It looks quite volatile, it feels as if they are antagonising the students,” she said.


Students said their doors were kicked down without reason by police and private security at a residence near the Howard College campus.


“We also do not like what is going on, we want to return to classes and complete our degrees, but we can’t if such is happening,” said one student.



Unisa criminologist and policing expert Professor Rudolph Zinn speaking generally on police crowd management said police lacked training and needed to act with as much restraint as possible.


“They need to gather intelligence on people enticing people to commit offences, identify those individuals and arrest them when they are not part of a group. If you arrest them as part of a group, you inflame the situation,” he said.


“Firing tear gas into crowds creates the opposite reaction to what they actually want, it causes students to ransack buildings and this is concerning, because we have not seen professional policing in dealing with issues correctly,” he said.


Zinn said police should be on campus to protect university property and students.


Source ; mg.co.za