Many South Africans are worried about the lapses coming from the police ministry. The Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has been several called upon to give his men proper training to give South Africans better policing.

Two on duty KZN police officers caused a head on collision that have left 5 people hospitalized as police incompetency and inefficiency in the country continues to get out of hand.

When ER24 arrived at the scene, the two officers were unconscious and both their panties were down to their knees.

”It’s is not a sight to behold but thank God they are both alive,” said ER24 Spokesperson Naledi Mpule.

An eyewitness claimed claimed he saw the police vehicle accelerating very fast moments before the collision.

One can easily suggest that the driver was distracted and did not know what was happening.

The female cop sustained minor injuries but the male cop is stil hospitalized along with five occupants of the other vehicle.

Police confirmed the two officers were on duty and the accident happened 4 km away from their place of duty.

Investigation is onging to determine the full cause of the accident.