The heavy presence of private security guards on the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) campuses has left students feeling shaken and unsafe.

This follows two separate instances where private security guards were recorded physically assaulting students on and off campus after a week of protests in which students called for universities across the country to scrap fees and provide free higher education.

“I don’t feel safe at all,” a fourth year BCom Accounting student cried out.


“The same guys the university says are supposed to protect us are actually assaulting us.

 “The end goal [of Fees Must Fall] is to get free quality education for everyone, including the children of the very people who are assaulting us right now,” the student said.

He said he did not condone the destruction of property and understood that the university wanted to avoid further damage by increasing the level of security on campus, however, students should not be the target of violence.

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“I understand…the bouncers must do their jobs yes, but all we want is to protest in peace. It’s a very complex situation [but] I don’t see the need to use violence,” he said.