The brothers of a woman accused of killing her teenage step daughter have described their sister as “gentle” and “loving”.

Mundolene Vosloo, 17, was buried on Friday amid scenes of grief at the graveside and during the funeral service.

The stepmother, Marietjie Vosloo, 39, is in custody in Mauritius where the alleged murder took place two weeks ago.

The brothers were torn between their grief for Mundolene and support for their sister.

They wrote a letter which said: “We know our sister didn’t mean to do her [Mundolene] any harm. It was a tragedy.

“We really feel sorry for the father and his family. Our hearts are broken over what our sister has been experiencing.”

Mundolene died from a blow to the head, allegedly administered by the stepmother during an altercation in the family’s Mauritius hotel room.

Mundolene’s father, Mike Vosloo, and her two brothers, aged 11 and 14, returned from Mauritius on Tuesday.

Mundolene was buried on Friday following a funeral service at the Presidentsoord Dutch Reformed Church in Petersfield, Springs.

The service was packed with family, friends and classmates from Hoƫrskool Hugenote.

Mourners released balloons and white doves into the air, before Mundolene’s body was taken to the cemetery.



A friend of Marietjie said the relationship between the stepmother and Mundolene had been “toxic”.

“The relationship was good in the beginning. But Mundolene was a troublesome teenager. Marietjie couldn’t discipline her and Mike worked in Malawi and only came home every eight weeks.”