A shocking incident is under intense investigation, after a young pastor forcefully raped an innocent boy and made frantic effort to rape the other children in the neighborhood, before the police caught up with the culprit..

According to Hinnewssa, through a statement issued by KwaZulu-Natal police, detectives from the Pinetown Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual offences (FCS) Unit arrested the man at Gugu Dlamini Park in Durban after he had gone on the run.

“The detectives were investigating a case of rape which was reported at Hillcrest police station. It is alleged that at KwaNgcolosi‚ boys were playing outside the house when the preacher called one of the boys‚ who is eight year old‚ inside the house and sent the other three to go buy an airtime voucher‚” said Captain Nqobile Gwala.

“The boys returned with the airtime and gave it to the preacher‚ who in turn took it and closed the door. The eight-year-old was still inside the house with him. Later on‚ as the boys who were playing outside were about to leave they called the boy inside the house‚ he came out and they all left.”

A few days later the preacher tried the same tactic on another boy but he refused to go into the house when called.

“The mother questioned the boy with regards to why he did not go to the preacher when he was called to. The boy informed her that the last time he was with the preacher he kissed him. The boy further told his mother that the preacher slept with one of the boys in the area‚” said Gwala.

The shocked mother then approached the mother of the child allegedly raped by the preacher. A case was opened that same day‚ which was referred to the Pinetown FCS Unit for investigation.

“Investigators began looking for the suspected preacher‚ who at the time had left KwaNgcolosi and was nowhere to be found. Detectives finally arrested the preacher at Gugu Dlamini Park where he was meeting another preacher.

He said the suspect will appear at the Pinetown Magistrate’s Court on a charge of rape.