Government insensitivity have incurred the wrath of endangered farmers in South Africa. Most white farmers are now the endangered species in their own country, even though they contribute massively in food production as well as increasing the gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nations economy without adequate government protection against unwarranted attacks.

The last three month saw the killing of elderly farmers in different locations  without appropriate and equal response to curb the danger. The impression from some farmers are that these killers continuously walk away with their sordid crimes, sometimes with the covert protection of the security agents who are suppose to guarantee protection to the citizens.

According to some despondent farmers they had thought the government would initiate drastic measures to contain these barbaric assault unleashed towards their colleagues of blessed memories. Some respondents have asked the government how many more farmers would be taken down before a state of emergency can be declared in the farming sector?

Following the incessant and preconceived attacks visited on farmers across the country, without sufficient redress and commensurate penalties meted out to the murderers, concerned farmers are now considering jungle justice as a self defense mechanism.

It would appear the authorities are yet to fashion out any concrete strategy to smoke out these hooligans and deal a decisive blow on them, encouraging the sufferers and victims to resort to self-help.

Already most South African citizens are getting increasingly worried that with the heinous spate of farm murders, hunger might just begin to be the order of the day as witnessed in far away Zimbabwe. Public opinion on the subject suggest that anyone caught in the dastardly act should also face the music of death to act as deterrent to the other fetish murderers who might be nurturing such sinister and clandestine motives.