Mass hunger and strife has overtaken Zimbabwe, after the nation’s semi-dictator president introduced racist economic policies and made thousands of white farmers who were majorly the food producers quit the once agriculturally rich and robust country. This hunger reality has led many citizens to flee to neighbouring countries including South Africa.

According to Kwanda Mbatha, who narrated observation:

I can’t believe the stupidity and hypocrisy of Zimbabweans(not all) , especially it’s hypocritical government
They chased white people away,not just any whites,food producing white farmers to be exact.

Famine strike,as expected, the same people flock to SA,a country with more whites than their country.
On their arrival,they seek jobs and handouts from the very same whites they want annihilated, now earning less than what whites were giving them in Zimbabwe.

One would think they have learned something, but no,they continue to advocate for Whites demise,now their target is South African white citizens, the ones who are sustaining their livelihoods.

When black South Africans dismiss their obvious insanity, they call them cowards,because they don’t want to be a basket case like them, they are devoid of logic.
We didn’t interfere in Zimbabwe.

Our challenges in SA are domestic challenges, we are dealing with them in our own way,which is democratic means, black and white.
For some vague reasons Zimbabweans are said to be “educated” and subsequently smart, obviously a myth.
This in fact is hilarious.