Police have confirmed to the media that an assault case has been opened against Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) head Robert McBride following an alleged incident involving a family member who is a minor.

Police have confirmed the case was opened at the Norwood Police Station and is being investigated.

McBride has told the press he will not comment on the assault case that has been opened against him because social workers have advised him not to.

His office says he has opened a case of abduction against the complainant in the assault case.

The case was opened last Sunday at the Norwood police station after an incident on the same day during which McBride allegedly hit and attempted to strangle a minor family member while they were travelling in a vehicle.

Following the incident, the minor phoned a friend to collect her from her Pretoria home the friend’s mother is the complainant in the case as the family member is too young to open a docket.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters says the case was opened at Norwood Police station but has been moved to Pretoria Central Police Station.

Photographs and a J88 medical form are part of the evidence, as well as statements taken by social workers.