A non governmental organisation in Cape Town, has alerted the public about the discovery of R10 million from an unknown source.

The NGO, known as A re Agent, announced through its director,  Mpule Thejane Lenyehelo that R10 million listed as foreign exchange landed in A re Ageng’s account.

Lenyehelo observed that neither the bank nor A re Ageng knew who had sent the money until the Guateng department of social development  eventually came forward, instructing A re Ageng to transfer  it to life Recovery center. Before completing the payment, A re Ageng required prove that the money came from the department.

A re Ageng director, further noted that the document the department sent, were inconclusive and it waited for further proof from the department, which was never sent. On October 31, unknown parties attempted to load additional beneficiaries unto A re Ageng’s account.

The bank halted this, but the account was accessed twice in the first week of November, with R1000 stolen each time.