While the rate of crimes in South Africa is quite alarming, people wonder how criminals end up with weapons especially weapons registered to a retired police officer.

A school fight in Lenasia among a group of boys took a nasty turn when it spilled into the streets and one pupil ended up being shot three times with a gun registered to a police officer.

17 Shuaib Ismail was allegedly shot with a pump-action shotgun by two brothers in an attack that has kept him in hospital since last Friday as doctors fight to save his leg.

Shuaib and his two friends were leaving a local high school in Lenasia, south of Joburg, when they met one of the brothers and his friend sitting in a car parked just outside the school gate.

One of Shuaib’s friends allegedly looked at the other group parked outside the school and was asked why he was staring at them.

Shuaib’s friend, Ngoako Ramafolo, who was present during the altercation, said: “They asked why he was looking at them and he asked whether they should not be looked at. The one guy started shoving my friend, and that is where it ended.”

The youths left the school and drove home. When Shuaib and his friends parked at one of their homes, the other young man arrived in his car along with his brother, who started shouting and attacking them.

“When they came out of the car, the older brother started shouting and asked why we want to fight his brother. He then started punching and fighting me,” said Ngoako.

While he was struggling on the ground with one of the brothers, the other one pulled out his pump-action gun and started shooting randomly.

“He then shot my friend Shuaib, but I did not realise it at the time because I was fighting with one brother. While I was fighting, it turns out my friend’s mother was trying to fight off the other brother to try and stop him from shooting,” he said.

They believe the young man shot at them three times. Ngoako opened a case with Lenasia police station.

Police spokesperson Captain Hector Netshivhodza confirmed they had arrested two suspects, aged 17 and 18, for alleged attempted murder. Netshivhodza also confirmed that the gun used in the crime was reported missing by a retired Police officer back in 2014.

“They have been released on bail. The brothers have also indicated they want to open counter-charges Investigations in the case are continuing,” Netshivhodza said.


Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona said they were worried about cases of violence reported at schools. “That is why the department has a quick response time in these matters,” he said.