The international presenter was stunned and shocked at the level of pervasive corruption in the land. According to Gordhan. it is time for South Africa to reflect on why there is so much corruption in the country and what to do about it, former finance minister said during a BBC interview on Thursday.

He said documents formally presented at ANC meetings indicate this need.

“What is this grip that one family and its broader syndicate have on the structure of the state and having this remarkable ability to filter out what appears to be billions of rand of public money and public finances from state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and other sections of government into accounts in different parts of the world?” asked Gordhan.

“How do we unite the (ANC) in line with Mr Mandela and his generation’s values?”

In Gordhan’s view the ANC is still crucial to SA’s future and its values, programmes and policies remain highly relevant as a means to bind the nation together and improve the country’s prospects.

“However, we have to be frank that we have gone through a period of disclosures which has demonstrated to South Africans and the world that the state machinery and state resources are being used in the wrong kind of way,” added Gordhan.

“So it is important to distinguish between the ANC as an organisation and its values and programmes on one hand and individuals who currently, in the view of many, don’t perform their responsibilities in accordance with those values.”

In July Gordhan described state capture as the stealing of institutions of the state by a small group of people, with the intention of putting “money in pockets in South Africa or in bank accounts in Dubai”.

He explained that state capture is robbing the country of needed resources, impacting economic growth and job creation for young people. The negative sentiment is impacting the levels of investment.

He said state capture is the “commission” certain individuals benefit from through tenders from SOEs.

But it starts with changing people on boards and appointments of chief executives and chief financial officers. With the “right” people in these positions they can act as informers on tenders, and that is how state capture enters procurement.

But if capturing SOEs is not enough, efforts are then made to capture Treasury. Efforts are made to undermine the South African Reserve Bank which destabilise the economy even more, Gordhan said at the time.