A couple who were innocently having a conversation in a parking lot at Magnolia Dell, Pretoria resulted to an arrest for Public indecency and the Wife accused of being a prostitute.


The Police Ministry said it was wrong to arrest the pair and detain them for a few hours and agreed to pay Charlene Stoker R50 000 in damages. Her former husband Emile Drotsky will receive R70 000.


The couple claim they were humiliated when the police kept on referring to Stoker as magosha, slang for a prostitute.Both have now claimed damages against the police in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria.

The woman said her husband got out of the car to hear what was going on, but the next moment he was pepper-sprayed in the face. “The police called for back-up and arrested us,” she said.


The woman said she was dragged off to a cell at the station while her husband was put in another. Stoker also pleaded with the police to let them go, as their two small children were home alone.


The police ignored them and Stoker’s father-in-law eventually arrived at the police station to vouch for the fact that the couple were married.


The couple were told to report to court as they were facing a charge of public indecency. The State, however, declined to prosecute them.