The latest report from MEC for Community Safety Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane reveals that more than 2000 Gauteng Police Service officers do not have firearm compliance certificates.

The MEC said the South African Police officers, particularly those in Gauteng are not well-trained on the use of firearms as shown in the above photo.

This was stated while the MEC was replying to written questions from the DA’s spokesperson on community safety Kate Lorimer in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

Lorimer requested for a detailed information about police officers who are active without firearm compliance certificates. She also wanted to know where those officers have stationed and their ranks.

Nkosi-Malobane said the number of police officers without those certificates stood at 2031 and she also gave a breakdown of all affected stations in Gauteng.

Of the 2031 members that are active without a firearm compliance certificate, 627 officers are stationed in Tshwane.

While Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg have 351 and 196 respectively.

The worst affected stations are Evaton with 45 and Sebokeng with 49 uncertified members.

“The province was able to carry on with training until the first week of July when the ammunition stocks of the various training centres ran out. The division supply chain management received limited stock and started issuing ammunition again during the last week of July 2017” Nkosi-Malobane said

She, however, noted that the provincial human resources division would be increasing the number of members called up for shooting exercises, in order to ensure that those Gauteng Police who should have been assessed during the July 2017 were assessed.

Lorimer, on the other hand, said that the number of police officers without firearm certificate is alarming and dangerous not only to the police force but also in the lives of South African who they are meant to protect

She, therefore, asked Nkosi-Malobane to ensure that those police officers undergo competency tests.

The report about the number of the Gauteng Police officers with no compliance certificates comes amid concerns over the high rate of police brutality and killings of South African citizens.

Reports have shown that more South Africans have died at the hands of police.