The number of  accidents we witness on regular basis on the streets of South Africa is gradually getting out of hand.

On most occasions, carelessness, over speeding, drunk driving and failure to obey traffic lights are the main reasons most of these accident happen.

Lots of people fail to understand the value of life while driving. Speed kills they say but many people fail to understand and respect that.

Drunk driving and reckless speeding has resulted to many lose of lives and accident, yet people still drink and drive.

Some drivers don’t even take time to fix, repair or maintain their cars to make sure it doesn’t break down while speeding or while in use.

The metro police seems to be trying their best to reduce accidents but it appears most drivers don’t even want to do the basic and common things.

A drunk driver, on hangover from last  night just broke the legs of a talented and promising soccer player this morning.

Kago Baruti was a natural and awesome footballer until this morning when he was involved in an accident while returning home from training.

His father Demarco Baruti (40) and coach Dmitry Antonyuk (35) are both lacking words to describe the awesome talents of young Baruti.

After the accident, his father and coach accepted the fact that the boy’s dream of playing for Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates one day has failed. He is a staunch Orlando Pirates fan.

Early this morning, a drunk-overspeeding driver on hangover took his legs in an accident.

The  13-year-old Baruti is in Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital receiving treatment. His left leg which is his natural leg has been amputated.

The boy was going home after morning training when the accident happened. A drunk driver tried to jump the robot and hit the boy.

The boy trains at the park beside Norwood police station, Orange Groove – Joburg.

He was rushed to CMJAH but the doctors decided that his left leg could not be saved. His left leg has been amputated at the knee.

“I received a call telling me my son was involved in an accident.

“I ran to the scene which is not far from my home and found him on the ground in pain on a  pool of blood.

“A car jumped the robot and hit him while he was trying to cross the road. I don’t know what the driver was thinking but it appears he was drunk.

He loves Pirates so much that he couldn’t eat last night in celebration of watching Orlando Pirates beat Cape Town City last night. He promised to replicate all he learnt in the match in today’s training, ” said the father.

The coach said they want justice, even though nothing can restore the boy’s dreams and his leg.

“It is so painful to see him like that. We want whoever that did this to face the full force of the law.

“I don’t know how to break the news to the rest of the team because most of the kids look up to him because of his rare talent.

“All he wanted was to play soccer and he was very good at it. He told me one day that he will like to play for Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana,” said the coach.

Norwood police spokesperson Captain Derek Dladla said the man was arrested on the scene as he didn’t even know what was happening.

”So far only a case of reckless driving has been reported but the case could change after investigations were complete,” said Captain Dladla.

The Police also arrested a relative of the driver who arrived on the scene and tried to remove empty bottles of alcohol from the wrecked vehicle.

Eyewitnesses are still wondering how the drunk driver managed to get minor injuries as his car tumbled upside-down.