There is a deadly disease outbreak and the Ministry of health is warning all concerned citizens to take note and be careful.

The City of Ekurhuleni says it is rolling out an emergency measles vaccination campaign in all of its primary care facilities following the recent measles outbreak in the Actonville area near Benoni.

Between July and August 2017, there were 21 reported cases of measles in the area.

“As part of the campaign. Children under the age of five will be vaccinated‚ or receive a booster update‚” the metro said on Facebook.

The Gauteng Health Department said in May that it aimed to vaccinate one million children between the ages of six months and 59 months following an outbreak of measles in the province.

At the time‚ there were some 17 confirmed cases. .

Last year‚ apparently only 11 measles infections were recorded in the province.

In a statement‚ the City of Ekurhuleni described measles as a highly contagious disease that spreads from one person to another through contact with bodily fluids – such as saliva and mucous from the nose. It can turn into a serious condition that can be fatal for small children.

“An infected person can easily spread the infection when they sneeze or cough.

“Symptoms include fever‚ cough‚ conjunctivitis (red eyes) and runny nose. It is only around day three that the blotchy‚ flat red rash appears. It usually starts behind the ears and spreads to the face‚ body and arms and legs. The rash may or may not be itchy.”