Shouting “voetsek Rupert!” is no longer enough for the Black First Land First (BLF) movement.

The party has decided to take action against “economic terrorist Johann Rupert”.

Recently, Johann Rupert announced that the government’s Radical Economic Transformation (RET) is just a fancy name for intended thievery.

Reacting to this, BLF first asked Rupert to voetsek. The party asserted that the billionaire is a “settler colonizer and land thief.” He’s in possession of land stolen from the black majority, he has no grounds to talk about theft,” BLF expressed.

Now, the party has decided to teach Mr. Rupert a lesson or two about saying things he shouldn’t have said.

BLF said the billionaire’s remark about RET is a racist comment and, that it is outraged by it. To the party, the “economic terrorist, Johann Rupert is one of the most corrupt white monopoly capitalists.

“This beneficiary of apartheid and colonialism has come out against RET by President Jacob Zuma and called it ‘theft’. Rupert is an economic terrorist who is rallying the whole of white monopoly capital (WMC) to attack the economy so as to stop the transformation.

“Johann Rupert and a few other white monopoly capitalists want to keep the South African economy in their hands. The attack on RET is racist because it equates transformation to a crime.

“This is because white racists believe that blacks are criminals. Racism is irrational and baseless. The accusation by Rupert that RET is theft is in the same category as other racist acts,” stated the movement.

BLF proclaimed that there’s a massive drive towards economic sabotage to effect regime change. The party’s sentiment about this is as expressed below:

“Johann Rupert and the rest of the white monopoly capitalists are involved in economic terrorism. They want the people to suffer even more and thereby cause political stability in the country which they hope will cause the people to (rise) against the government to remove President Zuma.

Already the mining sector under the political directive by Johann Rupert is retrenching workers.”

BLF listed that it will take the following action against economic terrorist Johann Rupert.

1.Open a case of racism at the Equality Court.

2. Lay a criminal case of High Treason.

3. Undertake mass action at Ramgro Headquarters in Stellenbosch.

4.Demand the police to fast track the corruption case it opened against him for stealing from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in excess of R2 billion.

5. Follow up on the over R60 million debt incurred for services by a municipality in Mpumalanga.

The party claimed that the billionaire moved billions of rands to Europe. “This may possibly be part of the annual R60 billion illegal movement of capital outside South Africa. BLF will investigate this as well. All these actions will be taken urgently,” charged the movement.