A South African lesbian couple has been gang-raped in a bid to remind them that they are women – so pathetic it has to be in such a horrific way.

Reports had it that the duo was “descended” on by the gang after they came back from Mpumalanga Comes Alive festival on Saturday.

As gathered, the perpetrators had earlier warned the Mpumalanga couple of their mission – which the gang termed “corrective rape”.

“corrective rape” in the area is a trendy punishment carried out by men who feel that lesbians should be taught some sense – especially to remind them that they ought to be someone’s wife, and not a wife to someone’s daughter.

One of the victims said she sleeping with her partner when the perpetrators broke into their house and commanded them to undress.

She said she immediately objected the man’s request. But at the drop of a hat, she admitted the man overpowered her and mercilessly “dealt” with her.

Her “girlfriend” also was raped by the men – who certainly had their mission accomplished.

“They also hurled insults at us and told us that they wanted to teach us that we are women and how it feels to be a woman,” she explained further.

She said she now finds it difficult to hang out with her male friends because a meeting with them usually reminds her of her ordeal in the hands of the corrective rape gang.

Nevertheless, she promised to stay strong and also protect her partner from further harm.

The chairperson of the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgender organisation (LGBT) in the Lowveld, Ms. Joy Kunene, wailed that gays and lesbians are not yet free in the society, despite the fact that South Africa is under democratic rule.

She disclosed that members of the LGBT hardly voice their plights because they have lost faith in the police. She, however, promised to set up a team that will address corrective rape in the area.

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