This was the response of ANC presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma when asked during her book launch yesterday about allegations that Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe had assaulted women in a Sandton hotel.

Grace Mugabe found the young women with her two sons, who are apparently studying in SA.

Dlamini-Zuma said although the law must take its course, men do things and never suffer for the sins of others who had done wrong.

“A woman does something, we all have to suffer. It is patriarch[al] and sexism. How can it be we question the capability of women because one woman has beaten the other,” she said.

“Men make mistakes, no one says look at men. Women are human beings too.”

Dlamini-Zuma, during the launch, gave a speech that gave a clear indication that she was ready to lead the country. She outlined ideas on creating jobs, skilling South Africans as well as building an inclusive economy.

“What we did at the African Union is not different to what needs to be done in SA.

“We came to the conclusion that the continent was full of conflict, so we should focus on that – but we realised that if we don’t develop the stable countries, we will not be able to maintain that stability, just like here in South Africa.”

Dlamini-Zuma also emphasised the need to invest in young people, and also warned that SA had been deindustrialised and “we need to industrialise”.