Presidential hopeful Matthews Phosa has weighed in on Thursday’s s court proceedings when President Jacob Zuma’s lawyers admitted it was irrational to withdraw the corruption charges against him.

“  I think what happened today for me as a lawyer is quite normal. Justice is taking its course. What should happen away from politics and emotions is that Kemp J Kemp must do those representations to the NPA and we must quickly move to a point where a prisoner has his day in court and justice is done.

“Justice delayed is justice not done. This matter has been hanging for nine years and more. I would hate a situation where the president is being pursued into retirement…

If the accused is evidently established to have compelling criminal infringement against the State he must face commensurate penalty which the court would dish out, in this case imprisonment.

“The question is to prosecute or not to prosecute…If he (Abrahams) doesn’t prosecute the DA will ask for a certificate of Nolle prosequi…and there will be a private prosecution which will be very untidy, but if he decides to prosecute then he might be in control of the process, the ball is in his court,” said  former ANC Treasurer General, Matthews Phosa.