The alarming and disgraceful level of criminal disguise by the state police to perpetuate violent criminal acts against innocent and unsuspecting road users and other illicit act of smuggling arms  informed the critical alternative.

In a review of the recruitment quota statistics it was discovered that more people from other races where deliberately left out from the national exercise against the core  principle of meritocracy.

In other cases, it was discovered some members of the South African Police Force where not even qualified to have even been conscripted into the police in the first place. In holistic bid to sanitize the system and bring back the public confidence, this new measure was been considered as a viable option going forward.

In addition to other consideration, the conspiratorial cases of widespread crime rate  within the police service by officers to defraud within and outside South Africa with the most recent case involving a South African police woman caught in Brasil for heinous crimes coupled with the low level of integrity and distrust by many police officers in the country supported the move.

SAPS recruitment committee have brought out this strategy to reduce crime, which some have said was first suggested by a few MPs in parliament some time ago.  The  recruitment of more whites into the force is expected to  restore sanity, discipline, decorum and decency to the service.

This is just a developing story, more updates underway.